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Sustainable Roads:
Environmental Protection
in Road Infrastructure


Z powodu rozprzestrzeniania się koronowirusa i zalecenia ograniczenia organizacji wydarzeń gromadzących większą liczbę osób, organizatorzy zmuszeni są przenieść konferencję na inny termin. Zostanie podany po wyjaśnieniu się sytuacji epidemiologicznej.

Polish Road Congress and the Department of Roads and Bridges welcome you to Lublin!

Polish Road Congress - National Committee of PIARC and the Department of Roads and Bridges, Lublin University of Technology are organisers of the international conference "Sustainable Roads: Environmental Protection in road infrastructure", held 31 March - 1 April. This event marks a continuation of a conference cycle held in the Lublin Region under the title "Environmental Protection and Aesthetics in road infrastructure", as well as other conferences related to concrete road technology and construction technologies in general. The Conference is planned to be held in Lublin every second year. Conference languages are: Polish and English

Key significance of climate change

The Chairman of the Programme Board, Prof. Janusz Bohatkiewicz - Head of the Department of Roads and Bridges, Lublin University of Technology, defines the objectives of the conference as follows: "We want to point out new challenges in investment activities and maintenance of already built facilities. Climate change, increasing traffic and mobility result in a number of adverse climatic impacts. This fact undoubtedly influences the way road infrastructure is designed, built and maintained. The aesthetics of road infrastructure solutions also constitutes an important topic, as the beauty factor should reflect the nature of the investment and, at the same time, be a showcase of road infrastructure construction.

Joint session with GDDKiA

The area of the Lublin Voivodship is one of the largest construction sites in Poland, as it witnesses major road infrastructure construction projects under the National Roads Construction Programme for the years 2014-2023. Construction of the express route S17 from Lublin to Warsaw is nearing completion, while construction of the express route S19 from Lublin to Rzeszów is well underway. Hundreds of kilometres of express roads are under preparation. Valuable expertise developed by the investor (General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways) and the contractors at these construction sites will be devoted a special Conference session, devoted to technological and ecological challenges.

Patronage of the Rector of Lublin University of Technology

The conference is held under the honorary patronage of the Rector of the Lublin University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Habil. Eng. Piotr Kacejko. In his letter to the organizers, Mr. Rector stated that "the conference focuses on such extremely vital issues as man- and environment-friendly road infrastructure solutions, and hence it deserves full support.

The Conference addresses the following issues:

Impact of climate change on road infrastructure

Methods and measures to protect people and the environment from road infrastructure impacts

Innovative materials and technologies in the sustainable development of road infrastructure

Traffic noise reduction

The aesthetic aspect of road infrastructure solutions



March 31 (Tuesday)




April 1 (Wednesday)

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Conference venue

The conference will be held in a state-of-the-art building of the Lublin ConferenceCentre (LCK) in Lublin, at Grottgera 2 (street), at the junction of Grottgera and one of the city's well-known passage Aleje Racławickie. Adjacent to the conference venue is the building of the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures (CSK), the Marshal Office of Lublin (Self-Government body for Lubelskie Region) and many other buildings characteristic of the city centre.

The modernly equipped Lublin Conference Centre is one of the most prominent facilities built in the region with European Union funds. It offers eleven comfortable conference rooms, equipped with top quality audiovisual equipment.The conference room complex no. S7 on the 4th floor has been designated for the conference lounge. Its total area is over 360 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people.

Why Lublin?

With about 350,000 inhabitants, Lublin is the largest Polish city on the right side of the Vistula, it is located about 160 km southeast of Warsaw. The city of our Conference is reffered to as the city of three cultures. This is due to its rich history and location at the intersection of important trade routes in Europe. The city was an important economic and political center of old Poland, that is why in 1569 the Polish-Lithuanian Union was concluded just there.

After the II Word war, the city became a large academic and industrial center. Five academic institutions were established, including the renown Catholic University of Lublin, whose lecturer was the future Pope John Paul II and the Lublin University of Technology.

Preserved elements of architecture and monuments are related to three religions: Catholicism, Judaism and Orthodoxy. You can visit various temples: the cathedral and other Catholic churches, the Orthodox church and Yeshiva Chachmej or Jewish synagogue and college for future rabbis. The monuments in the city are authentic witnesses of their times, because they luckily survived War practically intact. During your stay in Lublin, visit the Lublin Castle and the Holy Trinity Chapel. You can go for a walk in the picturesque streets of the old town and visit the renovated Litewski Square. After a successful tour, it is worth visiting one of Lublin's restaurants. There are many of them and they offer a variety of cuisines from around the world.

More tourist information:

How to get to Lublin?


In Lublin, the roads S12, S17 and S19 cross. The S17 expressway from Warsaw to Lublin, although not completed at that moment, enables one to get to Lublin from the Polish capital in about 2 hours.



The railway route No. 7 Warsaw-Lublin-Dorohusk is still under renovation, but despite this, Warsaw can be easily reached by train from Lublin, and the journey from Warszawa Centralna station to Lublin Główny takes 2.5 to 3 hours.


The Lublin Airport located in Świdnik is small but state-of-the-art. one. It offers the following connections:

Dublin (DUB) -Ryanair

Eindhoven (EIN) – Wizz Air

Kijów (IEV) – Wizz Air

London Luton (LTN) – Wizz Air

Oslo Torp Sandefjord (TRF) – Wizz Air

Tel Aviv (TLV) – LOT

Warszawa (WAW) – LOT

The nearest large international airport is Warsaw Chopin Airport. From the Chopin airport you can get directly to Lublin by the Contbus bus - check the timetable


Contact with organisers

Chairman of the Programming Comittee
dr hab.inż. Janusz Bohatkiewicz, prof. PL

Chairmanof the Organising Comittee
Tomasz Orłowski

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